Saturday, March 28, 2015

Questions and where to seek answers

There always seems to be an unending stream of questions.

In the past, a good number of them were about things like "How can we use this shiny new feature?" "What are the best practices for these scenarios?".

However, times change and so do the questions.

Microsoft has been following the lead of the SQL Server community and steadily become more open with road maps and dialogs. We understand the platform and internals better than ever before, making it easier to address concerns.

Now the questions that need to be addressed are more strategic than tactical. Strategies, by their very nature are more challenging to find peers to discuss success and (more importantly) failures in plans and their implementations.

I'm attending Enterprise Data World this year to have a chance to discuss ideas, strategies and technologies to bring new insights and make things run better than ever.

This will be fun!

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