Saturday, April 7, 2012

Change, it's inevitable

I'm in the middle of changing jobs, I mean it literally. The last day for my old job was Friday, the first day of my new job is Monday, and it's Saturday night.

There is much to miss with my old position. I had the chance to participate in changing the core data strategy and the luxury of doing it with the right people. I can't stress this enough, the right people make the difference. I can't mention leaving without mentioning them because they are an incredible group.

When I announced my plans to move on, it was possible to promote from within because every had grown so very much. They are all brilliant and I will miss working with them.

So now I'm switching my role up a little bit. 

I'm moving on to more of a straight Data Architect position instead of Enterprise data. I have the chance to build out a number of interesting "cloud" products that will have several very serious, real world applications. 

There is a good bit of greenfield development and different agile techniques I expect to run into. I'll post as I learn new and interesting things.